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Group Retreat in the Magical Pyramids of the Mexican Riviera

JANUARY 25, 2020 -



Spiritual Life Coaching, Personal Motivational Training

My name is Odette Orozco and I am the Spiritual Life coach (Consciousness Coach) and founder of At the Heart of It All. I've designed this site to connect us because it would be my truest joy to help enable you to achieve the GREATEST, most        REALIZED version of YOU.

I believe that it is our birth right to be able and fulfill our maximum potential, and to live profoundly meaningful and joyful lives. Lives that are awakened. Lives of brilliance, expansion, contribution and excellence. Living consciously, in an awakened state. 

It is possible.

If you are here, it is because you feel the true power of your essence stirring within you. It is beckoning you to find the guidance you seek to create the mastery of your Self, and of your life. You're ready for the next level.

As a Spiritual Life coach, I hold the space for you to deepen into greatness within all areas of your life because that is wholistic and conscious living. So, I am able and do, advise on personal, emotional, financial and spiritual areas of need.

It is Spiritual Life coaching in that I recognize your unique essence as an all powerful, Divine being who is evolving within a human body and leading a human life. I understand that we are Divine (Energy), Human (Persona /ego) and Physical (Body). In our work, together, we will explore the aspects of your very personal life, and I will help you integrate your authentic eternal self within all aspects of your reality.

It is time for you to realize more of YOU. To live on Purpose, awakened from your dormant potential!

And I am So glad that you are here! =) I am direct, and will challenge you and hold you accountable, all while using gentleness, compassion, sincerity and love. I am psychic and also a channel medium, so often times you will receive extra goodies in our sessions as well. 

With my services, I invite you to welcome the new you. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey, in which your desires are exceeded by your fruitful manifestations, and your current imagination of what life could be like, lived!

Within an ocean of Light, may you be embraced.



Odette Orozco

P.S. I congratulate your seeking and hail your desire to evolve consciously, in any form that may take. Love awaits you!

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At the Heart of It All

Within you all things are possible.

You deserve to live your best life now.

I invite you to live the
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