Online Spiritual Life Coaching - Services and Fees

At the Heart of It All My services are global so regardless of where you are located, we can work together! I conduct all sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, and/or via telephone calls.

If you are new to my coaching and would like an introductory call please see the menu bar on the left to schedule your complimentary session.


Packages/ Work with me One on One


Elite Membership



    • Personal fifty minute session. 
    • Receive a personal meditation from your guides
    • Direction and homework for immediate use
    • One Follow up Email for support       

  • Please contact me for scheduling
    • Whatever you can do, or Dream you can, Begin It!! Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it. -Goethe
    • Schedule your call today!
    *option to pay in monthly installments if paying by check- contact me

Premium Membership


    • 3 Private sessions per month (50 min. each)
    • One teleseminar course
    • E-mail support (3-5 per month)
    • Healing Packet

    *option to pay in three installments if paying by check
  • *option to pay in monthly installments if paying by check- contact me

Continuing Membership


    • 3 Private sessions per month for 12 months
    • Entrance to all teleseminar courses
    • All Bonus workshops
    • Year ahead Oracle reading
    • Birthday Tarot Reading
    • Exclusive Mastermind Ascension Group
    • Healing Packet
    • $500 discount on VIP day
    • Unlimited E-mail support
  • *option to pay in monthly installments if paying by check- contact me

Outside of a package


  • *Must have enrolled in MINIMUM THREE teleseminar courses OR a Ninety day Success Package*
    • Receive a 75 minute Breema Bodywork Treatment
    • Energy clearing and physical/ soul reading
    • One hour one-on-one coaching session
    • Visit to the Ocean or Redwoods
    • Receive a personal guided meditation
    • Dining at a five star restaurant
  • Optional extra day ($1500)/Spa at the Fairmont/ Learn 1.5 hours Self Breema Bodywork/ Dinner & Evening Tarot- contact me




  • Discounts & Specials
    Feel free to contact me if you need to arrange payment plans!

  • Please pay here for:

    • Donations
    • Speaking engagements
    • Group and Personal Specials
    • Sliding scale
    • Breema Treatments
    • Tarot Readings


With arrangement, it is possible to schedule your session in person. Please contact me for details.

*All sessions can be done in English or Spanish*


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Group Tele-Seminars & Workshops

At the Heart of It All also offers group coaching and teleseminars. Classes provide great support for individuals wishing to work on their personal development. It is a great place to meet individuals doing similar work, receive direct coaching and have fun while we learn! Most groups meet live, once a week for 1 or 1.5 hours for six week intervals.  (Unless otherwise noted). If you are interested in being placed on a waiting list for any of the following group/class please contact me.


Summer Group


    Stay Tuned for the next live course
  • *Create your Best life & learn the spiritual truth of time

  • *Utilize time efficiently

  • *Define the hours to do the things you love and need most

  • *Manage your schedule, learn priorities

  • *Respect the natural force while bending it as well
    *And so much more..!
  • Class every Wednesday+ Private FB Group +Sign up NOW!



Summer Group

Select #


  • Take part in 3,6 or 12 live meditation classes!

  • *Learn how to access higher dimensions of truth

  • *Increase your vitality, peace, balance and inner joy

  • *Discover a variety of modalities from breathwork, guided visualizations, movement and sound.

  • *Receive Personal support and answers about your practice

  • -Fridays 11am &6pm; Sat & Sun 11:30am

  • All Classes Recorded + Private FB Group  +Sign up NOW!

Spring Group


  • GOD is in YOUR care: Breakthrough Fear & Unhappiness

  • Week 1: Meditation: Holding God Consciousness
  • Week 2: Soul Evolution & Reason for Ego
  • Week 3: Study Personal Knowledge, Psychic Gifts & Truths
  • Week 4: Clearing up the Old, and Letting in the NEW!
  • Week 5: Inner Peace Revolution
  • Week 6: Claiming Mass Abundance
  • +Private FB Group

  • Stay tuned for the next class! All calls will be recorded.

Summer Group


    Stay tuned for the next class! All calls will be recorded.
  • *Truly befriend money
    *Understand the Truth behind PROSPERITY
    *Release negativity (& anti-repellant energy) around abundance.
    *Live a life & career on purpose, with purpose.
    *Value Your Worth & that of TIME
    *Manage money so it serves you! And so much more..!

    Take part of the 50 for $50 by following this link:

  • + Private FB Group  +Sign up NOW!

Fall Group


  •       Stay tuned for the next workshop
  • In this workshop, you will be guided in a 45 minute meditation
  • of celestial force, where we will attune your energy centers!
  • *Learn how to sense your inner energy
  • *Release blocks and trapped negativity
  • *Heal trauma, stress, anxiety
  • *Expand your consciousness
  • *Increase your vitality and strengthen your psychic senses

         *Recording will be available & 15 minute individual energy assessment

Winter Group


  • The HEART PATH of the SHAMAN $1997
  • 6-Week Teleseminar Series
  • Re-Discover how to:

    *Understand the Truth about Earth's Evolution & her current ascension.

    *Be Supported in your own raising of consciousness.

    *Establish your own Heart-CORE relationship & ROOT magic in REALITY.

    *Create a life that integrates & honors  ALL OF YOU and Earth

    *Listen to Earth Speak, your Heart Speak, Spirit Speak

    *Be part of a celestial family & increase your Earthly tribe

    *Heal yourself, heal your past, move forward

    *Real-ize your DIVINTY, connect to Source

    Stay tuned for the next class! All calls will be recorded.


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Motivational Speaking

Book Odette to speak at your conference, class, business or seminar. Please contact for details.

At the Heart of It All

“Odette is very insightful; you trust her as soon as you meet her. She’s a great listener, and always seems to know exactly what to say. Her intuition is amazing and she offers great advice based on what's really occurring at the depth of an issue. There's really something very unique about her approach that I have never seen in other people. You will learn a LOT about yourself through her insights and guidance. Definitely one of the best investments I’ve made.” -A.Z. San Diego, CA


“Finding Odette is like finding a needle in a haystack… Seize the opportunity while you can!” –F.S. New York, NY


“Working with Odette doesn’t just give you a different perspective. What Odette does, is give you an aerial view of any given situation, allowing you to see it in ways you never would have before. This allows you to be fully informed about how this situation really relates to you and gives you different tools in how to approach it. She taught me that it is not about being conventional it is not about doing what others think is right, appropriate to them or what they think you ‘should’ do. It is about being true to your ‘real’ self. In the end, this is what Odette always brings it back to.”-S.M. Beverly Hills, CA


“I have been working with Odette for the past seven months. During this time she has given me powerful, life-changing tools that have helped me shift my life in a direction I have long desired. When I first began I have to confess, I was still fearful of the change it might bring. The bottom line is that change is hard regardless of how good or beneficial it is for you. Now as I look back on my time with Odette as my coach, I realize I have been able to make more ‘difficult’ changes with EASE than I have made in most of my life. Thanks Odette!”- K.M. Los Angeles, CA

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Life Coaching

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You are the key to your own magnificence.

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