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At the Heart of it All came about from many years of personal study and spiritual discipline. Coach Odette was born into a talented family and since a young age was always drawn to ideas of a higher nature. Since she was a child she found that her talents rested upon her innate wisdom and ability to connect to a supreme power. Because of this she began asking herself life’s greater questions, such as the million dollar “why are we here?” and “what is the purpose of life?” Striving to find answers, about God and life she opened direct communication with that energy. Realizing that this wasn’t a ‘normal’ phenomenon, she kept it secret and lived a ‘regular’ life, always knowing she was meant to teach and delve further into this realm of love.

As she grew up, before settling in the USA, she traveled and moved constantly between several International countries. This allowed her to become accustomed to new cultures, philosophies and languages. She was exposed to massive human conundrums and witnessed the spirit’s awesome ability to love. In her academic years she became a mentor to her peers and counseled them as well as her friends. This afforded her the feeling of living her purpose and meeting a variety of friends along the way.

By the time she graduated high school it was evident she would be a counselor by profession. She attended UC San Diego to receive her Bachelor’s degree in psychology but found that regular counseling did not fit the holistic approach she knew in her heart was real, as it never blatantly addressed our Divinity. Because of this, she decided to continue her study of the spirit in human form through other means. This took place in an array of classes delving deeply into comparative religions, gender studies, anthropology, history, sociology, political science and physics. On the side, she also received formal training in handwriting analysis, attended several meditation seminars, and began a mentor-ship with a psychic healer and shaman to deepen into her natural gifts as an intuitive and medium.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she hadn’t found a specific trade in psychology that married both spirit and human. Undecided on what direction to take in life, she decided to travel through India and South East Asia and took six months on a personal self defining quest. During that time she realized she wanted to find a philosophy that was imbedded only in love, that was yet untouched by dogma and rituals or concentrated only on the human ego as a definition of Self. With this realization she opened herself up to the Ascended Master realm and since then has been receiving transmissions directly from this Source.

Having this unique opportunity, Odette quickly became an avid student of this channeled information and began an intensive study that consisted of weekly, biweekly and monthly sessions with her Ascended guides. During her studies, she has been guided to implement all she knows deepening into her own personal mastery, spiritual expansion and never ending growth.

She embarked herself on a radical journey of love, laughter, change, and mind altering realities, and will be on this journey for the rest of her life.

Today, Odette is an inspired Life coach and spiritual mentor.  She is the creator of At the Heart of it All and continues to deepen and expand in her own spiritual evolvement.  She often visits power nodes and opens powerful vortexes in various regions on Earth.  She also serves as an inter-dimensional guide and cosmic representative.


Attributes that set her apart from other coaches, besides her unique form, and level of soul understanding are:

Fluent in both Spanish and English (beginning Italian)
Certified Breema body work practitioner

Thai massage certified
Psychic healer and channel

Carrier of ancient wisdom (including recollection from congruent lives as a Druid, Delphic Oracle, Egyptian as well as Atlantean, Lemurian)

Cosmic Awareness of One

Very deep connection to Earth

In loving service to others

Extremely open minded
Light bearer and avid student of love
Always growing and expanding therefore always increasing what she gives.

Vision—Odette believes that everyone has the ability to grow deeper into love and create a life of endless bounty joy and beauty.


Life Coaching

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“It has been my privilege to know Odette personally for four years. She is a dedicated student of consciousness, seeking higher knowledge through which to remember what is real about herself, others, and the world. Odette is committed to living her life in the Heart’s realm, where she strives to choose the path of truth, accountability, authenticity, love, and expansion. Her life experiences have brought her many diverse perspectives of culture, spirituality, politics, and humanity culminating in an eclectic approach to guiding others. Her heart is large and her purpose clear.” Gay Kalember, Author and Founder of Choose the Heart, Sebastopol, CA

“Odette is one of the most beautiful persons I have ever met and I say that with all sincerity. There is something so natural and endearing about her energy, I immediately felt I could confide in her. During our time together I was able to dispel blocks that I never realized were stopping me from experiencing what I wanted. With her guidance I was able to leave a life-sucking job, and successfully find a new one in the career I’ve always wanted. I also have a new healthy love relationship and a sense of balance I didn’t believe was possible. Odette is naturally nurturing as well as wise beyond her years. She is a very positive coach and with her kind heart, positive energy and sincere care for others, she most certainly will be the most wonderful coach you will ever find. I was so lucky to have found her and you will be too! – I guarantee that!” –E.F. San Francisco, CA

“Odette has always had a different take on situations. It seems she lives life on her terms. The ‘social norm’ is not something that pressures her into a straight line and conventional life. One thing I am sure is consistent about her, is that she remains true to herself and through that is true to those in her life. If you are ready to dig deep, to see a true reflection of yourself in the mirror, to realize and be true to yourself, you will need to start here, with Odette. With her, as has been my experience, you will be given not only the proper tools but will also be taught the right time when to apply these, giving you lasting peace, permanent and enduring success in your endeavours. “-L.N London, ENG

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Life Coaching

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