Heart vs Mind - Break Negative Patterns

AT the Heart of It All I use the Heart and mind* language in coaching. Both of these are opposite systems residing within us. The Heart system is your authentic core. It is who you are at the deepest level. I recognize it as your unique being, your soul self, love in its individual expression. It is where creative flow emerges and true greatness lies. It holds the qualities of authenticity, greatness, joy, magic, expansion, fulfillment, peace and lightness. That is why we say “deep at the Heart of things, you know without a doubt, what is truly right.” It is because your heart holds the truth. Your heart knows what you long for; it knows what your dreams are and it holds your deepest secrets, greatest ambitions and ultimate goals.

The Heart is where everything begins;
it is where stillness resides and yet everything originates from.

The problem is that, without even knowing it, we have forgotten how to listen to the heart’s language. It is the thumping of feelings, hunches, and loving thoughts and signals. In most cases, we even forget that it’s there, within us, waiting to grant us what could be our most magnificent life. Instead of going within ourselves for our answers, the majority of us have been looking outside for them. Because of this, we have developed stronger connections with our conditioned selves or what I call the system of the mind.

The mind is the opposite of the Heart. This system is based in separateness and fear. In psychological terms it is known as the dysfunctional personality. It is finite and needs the outside world to validate itself. It holds the qualities of heaviness, anger, fear, righteousness, rigidity, isolation, victimization, drama, nebulousness, lethargy and vengeance. It is dependent, lives in deprivation and is heavily invested in upholding its personal story. This is the energy that creates havoc, disillusionment and despair.

It is when we are out of tune with our authentic core that we become immobilized and aggravated. The mind lives in the past and is stuck in the future. The heart resides in the present moment; it is the key within us that knows Truth and holds all of our answers all of the time. It is by taking a seemingly complex issue and going deeper and deeper into the heart of it that we find our freedom.

At the Heart of It All, it is my mission to guide you, challenge you, and inspire you so that you may take yourself one step closer to your goals, one step closer to your authentic self, and one step closer to your greatest success.


Life Coaching - Break Negative Patterns

“Using the Heart vs. Mind form has been a very powerful process that has changed my life in every way for the better. It is a practical and easy way of connecting with my self that helps me understand what is real in any given situation. Using this method has challenged me, moved me, motivated me and continuously keeps on showing me how much a fantastic life is completely possible and how I always have the opportunity to delve further and grow deeper into Love. Thank you Odette for showing me how; your work is priceless.” –E.L. Denver, CO


* I refer to the real Self in many terms. (The Inner Self vs. the Conscious Mind, Higher Awareness vs. Ego, Spirit vs. Thinking Self, Heart vs. Mind, etc.)  While seeking spirituality, you will find many variations in language all trying to address our inner Divinity vs. our ego. 

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